Evelyn Walg

Evelyn Walg is a Venezuelan artist of Dutch origin, she has lived most of her life in Venezuela and now resides in Miami. At  the age of 11 she met her first painting teacher, the Catalan artist Miguel Renom, who opened for her the kingdom of creativity.  Evelyn graduated at Chicago School of Interior Design and was successful with her own company in Caracas.
Walg is an international artist with worldwide exhibits.  Her art  expresses  her feelings and concern about the present day relations between human beings.


”To me art is what evolves from my creative process. It begins in my mind and is developed through the hands onto a visible surface. It becomes a spiritual encounter. The intention of the proposed exhibition is to show “my people in motion”, they transmit a message. In a way it is a message of protest because they represent a utopian ideal world of happiness, friendship, peace, love and harmony that should prevail. I like to use bright colors and heavy textures, it is a way of adding strength to my almost ethereal men stepping, dancing, and running on the canvas.


We are constantly connected through the internet, Facebook, twitter and iPhone, etc., but we are not together. My people hold hands, look and touch each other and give each other a shoulder. They are in motion but they are not alone. I create individuals with no identity but with clear personality. It is easy to spot the young, the old, the happy and sad, the energetic, the fat and so on. Their personality emerge from the canvas, it is about the lonely people who yearn for connection, love, recognition and maybe even for social status and acceptance.”


Evelyn Walg Painting About